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Property sales Management (PSM) which gives a complete solution to the Real Estate Industry.

Few advantages of using the PSM ERP

Real Estate Inventory
Real Estate Inventory contains Hierarchical Property Definition, Feature definition/Description, Construction Stages Definition, Unit Class creation, Bulk Unit Creation, Define Default Unit attributes and Link Units.


Inquiry Log/Tracking
Inquiry Management starts from Inquirer Profiling and Contact Notes, Inquiry details such as Source of Funding, Budget, Inquiry tracking, follow-ups using Contact Notes and creation of Tasks and Reminders, Inquiry/Opportunity Management functions such as assigning inquiries to Sales Executives, Upgrade or Downgrade of Opportunity, Pipeline Tracking etc and Inquiry Analysis by Advertising Media Budget, Source of Inquiry, Source of Funding Inquiry Conversions etc.

Booking Management
Booking Management contains Unit Booking and Management, Multiple entities linked and maintained such as Owner, Joint Owner, Loaning Body, Broker etc, Customizable  Payment schedule for each Unit, Categorization of Payment by Charge type such as Property, Interest etc, Single Booking for multiple units i.e. flat + car-park(s), Automatic Stamp duty & Registration fees calculation,  Check List register of key user-defined events such as Stamp Duty, Registration date etc and Post dated cheques register

Automatic Letter creation
In PSM you can create letters automatically such as Demand Letters, Stage Completion Letters, Intimation of Possession Letters and Possession Letters

Integrated CRM
PSM contain the CRM application for real estate People such as Clients can be Individuals or Organizations, Client Profiling and Contact Notes, Task creation/allocation for Client Service Requests, Multiple Roles for Single Entity Possible, Single Client View and Hierarchical Relationship between various entities / Clients

Payment & Receipts/Collections Management
Payment & Receipts/Collections Management contains Receipts of Payment & Allocation of payment against Charge type, Cancellation of Receipts, Receipts from Post-dated Cheque, Interest Calculation and Receipts of same, Reprinting of Receipts


Industry Standard MIS Reports

Flat Holder Statement
Flat /Unit Availability Report (sorted by Project/Phase/Building)
Periodic Cumulative Sales Report – Detail & Summary (sorted by Project/Phase/Building)
Flat/Unit Sold Unsold Report.
Loan Periodic Statement report (Details by Loaning Body & Project)
Post-Dated Cheque Report
Collection Report by User Defined Period
Aging Report
Receipts Cancellations & Cheque  Bouncing Report
Unit Details Report.
Receipt Printing / reprinting.
Unit level Interest Report as on date.


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