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The HRMS system allows you to automate all aspects of the business-to-employee (B2E) relationship to achieve drastic productivity gains and cost savings throughout your workforce. B2E enables you to transform traditional human resources processes, and as a result, you can cut costs, introduce real time intelligence, respond rapidly to changes, and empower HR professionals to become strategic partners.
This system includes the following modules
Employee Module: This module will constitute the employee details like employee personal information, address details of     the employee, Employee compensation details and Employee Qualification details.
Resume Module: This module will constitute Resume information, Details of the resume, Address Details, Compensation     Details of Previous company and Qualification Details of the Employee.
Succession Planning Module: This module will contain Successor Employee information
Search Module: This module will contain search options within the various modules such as Employee Information,     Employee Compensation, Resume Information, Knowledge Information and Succession Planning.
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