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Career Spotlight

There would be no better place to get such a exposure to such a wide range of knowledge. The work culture and the nature of challenging assignments that  ATPL had, were a welcome treat for me.
- Livingston, BDM.


I believe in the transparency with which ATPL conducts itself and the values it instills in its employees and therefore in the way we work.
- Sridharan, Dot Net Sr. S/w Eng.


I always feel that the higher management was transparent to extent it could be. I had a very comfortable feeling with my managers. They always treated me like a equal and never did the superior/subordinate relation come in.
- Kanthi Kiran, Dot Net S/w Eng.


ATPL is a place for all the people with a zeal to achieve new heights. The work place environment is challenging and takes you always through the cutting edge technologies.  
- Dinakaran, J2EE Sr. S/w Eng.

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